My Heart was Meant for Wild Places

‘She is just some wild thing. Let her laugh, live, love and roam free on her own terms, and she is sure to come back to you’


The early morning wind blows an icy draft across my face as I look to the trees and see the specks of gold from a rising sun as it streaked across their wet and glossy leaves. I snuggle into my Patagonia Down jacket, pull the sleeping bag over my lycra clad legs and breathe in the fresh air, smelling freshly brewed coffee and watching the mist rise from the lake as the snow-capped mountains begin to wake from their slumber.


The only sounds I can hear is the whisper of the wind as it ruffles the leaves of the pine trees and the flapping of my open tent door beating against the side wall screaming ‘get up, get up, get up’. I snuggle further into the sleeping bag enjoying its warmth and comfort.  The sun continues its steady rise allowing gold streaks to mix in with the grey steel colour on the lake surface. I sip my coffee allowing its warmth to seep through my body and warm my cold hands. The view is simple and beautiful! 


I was read a definition of wild that states that wild is ‘a living state of nature and not ordinarily tame’. This sentence rings close to my heart as a free spirit who feels more at home and alive on the trails and travelling.  I love it!


I look at the map again, already feeling familiar with the trail I am about to run and have run over the past few days and the nervous excitement starts to ripple through my stomach and heart. The coziness of my down jacket and the warmth of my tent and sleeping bag keep me still as I watch the mist, the mountains, the trees and the water.  An impromptu meditation session maybe. I embrace the solitude and perfectness of being a part of this tiny slice of nature.

The coffee kicks in and the trail calls while the sun rises higher in the blue, cloudless sky. I slip out of the sleeping bag, throw on my shoes and socks, shrug on my favourite red salomon pack and tuck away my down jacket for later. Zipping the tent closed, I take a deep breath.

All around me is wild, and nature is calling as I head up the rocky trail and run.


  1. Was only just thinking of you yesterday… wondered what adventure you were on. Beautifully written, I could close my eyes and imagine the reality of where you were, right down to the need for a shawl as I could feel the crisp air even though here we have 25oC 🙂


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