What’s Your Reason to Travel?

‘Life won’t just happen to you, You have to happen to it’


So, what is your reason to travel?

It was always going to be that way.  With a grandmother that travelled the world, a mother that has never lost her love for travel and a father who discovered travelling later in life, TRAVEL was always going to be an influence in my life and a passion. No doubt about that!


For me, it’s not about where I am going, it is more about the experiences that are ahead of me.


It’s about world maps, travel guides, cameras and journals. It’s about getting luggage through customs and packing surfboards and running gear.


It’s about the smell of chillies and garlic sizzling away at a seafood market in Vietnam, sharing food on a train journey in India, the soft melodic sounds of monks chanting in Nepal and the unruly gypsy pick pocket children of Italy. It’s the welcoming and friendly smiles of custom officials in Oman, the jagged snow-capped loveliness of the Alps in New Zealand, the warmth of conversations with a family in Sudan and refreshing morning surfs in the warm waters of Mexico. It’s the beauty of the mosaic covered mosques in Uzbekistan, exploring the amazon rain forest of Brazil, the picturesque country side of France, greeting incredible sunrises on the mountain tops of Indonesia and trekking the rugged highlands of Scotland. It’s drinking warm sweet tea on the side of a mountain in Bhutan, watching killer whales and albatross on the deck of a ferry in Alaska and late nights in cosy British Columbia. It’s listening to the deep, melodic sounds of Tanzanian porters singing as they walk up Mt Kilimanjaro, enjoying the creamy flavour of Columbian coffee, watching grizzly bears play in Montana, running with barefoot Ethiopian children and toothless men laughing at you in Cambodia. It’s peaceful and silent temples in Laos, a family of moose in a meadow in Wyoming and a storm blowing in whilst climbing mountains in Bolivia. It’s skiing crisp, dry powder on a blue sky day in Japan, s diving in the clear waters off Ningaloo Reef and choosing grilled seafood under torch-light in Zanzibar. It’s sharing street vodka with Russian ground crews in Turkmenistan, playing backgammon in Israel and listening to jazz on the streets of New Orleans. Its guitars and campfires on Easter Island, delighting in the smell of freshly cooked bread in a small town in Turkey, chatting about elephants with a soldier in Kenya and an off-road motor bike journey in eastern Oregon. It’s enjoying mountain views in Kyrgyzstan, long, windy beach walks in Wales, a gospel mass in Memphis and music in a piazza in Chile. Its sipping Belizean spiced rum and dancing to reggae on the beach in Belize, political discussions in a taxi in La Paz, sailing in the wild oceans of Ireland and a helicopter ride in Yukon. It’s negotiating a boat ride to Java, fishing with locals in Mozambique and trekking through mountain ranges in Papua New Guinea. It’s camping under a starry sky in Namibia, night-time trekking through the jungles of Costa Rica, discovering the history of the Mayan culture in Guatemala, the smell of spices as they are used to make a simple curry in a family home in Sri Lanka and waking up at dawn and listening to the call to prayer from a tiny balcony in Qatar. It’s the Sofia Mosque at sunset in Istanbul, eating cheese from a roadside store in Georgia, drinking sangria at a rooftop bar in Spain and driving a camper van through Portugal. It’s been woken up by a hippopotamus walking past the tent in Botswana, late night local bus rides in Peru and playing poker on a beach in Mexico. It’s the morning sun on my face in Thailand, buying material in a market in Tanzania, eating dumplings in Western China and hanging out at a food market in Singapore. It’s an overnight dog sled trip in the Yukon, fried fish and cold beers on a beach in Honduras, changing money in Morocco, seeing the gorillas in Rwanda and mountain scenery in Argentina. It’s swimming with dolphins and climbing volcanos in Hawaii, travelling the Silk Route through Azerbaijan, orange monkeys in Malaysia, whale sharks in the Philippines and surfing in California. It’s waterfalls in Zimbabwe, Spanish lessons in Ecuador, wine in South Africa, sleeping in a yurt in Mongolia and maple syrup lattes in Canada. It’s sunrises and sunsets that never get old!


I travel because;

  1. I feel alive – not just the beating heart alive but the wild, raw, crazy, mad, free alive you feel when you can open your mind, ignore deadlines, disconnect and just be there right now. You know, arms open wide, face turned to the sun and screaming ‘arrrggghhhh’ at the top of your lungs. That alive!
  2. I learn – The places I have ended up, the people I have met, the sights I have seen and the experiences I have had (positive and negative)  all have taught me a little something about the world and a little something about myself.
  3. I realise – Travel helps me to realise that I am a stronger, more resilient, understanding, kind, caring, happy and beautiful person than I give myself credit for. It also makes me realise that trust are kindness are very present in the world.
  4. I am motivated – Potentially this may be the only chance I get to visit these countries and I may never return so that thought alone motivates me to enjoy, embrace and make the most of the experience I have.



I travel because I am grateful for the opportunity to travel. This life of mine is my only life and if I am one of the lucky ones that has discovered something they truly love doing then I will make the most of every opportunity there is for me to travel.

Belize 1

Remember! It’s the memories, the smiles, the photos and all the never-ending experiences. It’s scenery, smells, people, music, dancing, adventure, food, happiness and love.

It’s all this and much more.

So, what’s your reason to travel?