To the Outdoor Women of the World

‘The mountains are my bones

the rivers my veins.

the forests are my thoughts,

and the stars are my dreams.

The ocean is my heart,

It’s pounding is my pulse.

The sounds of the earth write

the music of my soul.’

Blog Post 2

To the women who love being in the outdoors,

To the ones who live to head outside,

The ones who call zinc, sunscreen or insect repellant make – up and welcomes the future look of leathery sun-kissed skin that tells the story of a thousand adventures in nature.

To the ones who prefer to watch the stars from the comfort of a tent, a hammock or swag.

The ones who will take the music of the night sky and the sounds of morning over any nightclub or bar.

The ones who are happy to cook on a campfire or stove and who enjoy a feast by the side of a river rather than a fancy restaurant.

You, who drinks freshly brewed coffee at dawn by the side of a misty lake or watching the ocean from a cliff top view.

You, who giggles like a child at traversing an icy creek crossing and putting on day old crusty clothes without hesitation.

Blog Post 1

To the ones who smile broadly, laugh loudly and breathe deeply while enjoying a view from a mountain.

To those beautiful outdoor girls who will quietly find a spot in nature to welcome sunrise and send your love to sunsets admiring the beauty and thanking them for the day and night

Blog Post 8

To the ones who, even though it’s not so pretty, will sweat it out to get to the top of a hill, a climb or a trail run; Who will duck their heads and push on through a storm; Or those who taunt the sun to burn them while catching waves or paddling on the ocean.

To the ones who relish mother nature testing their strengths and limitations knowing that it enables them to face up to their fears and that they will grow through the experience.

Blog Post 9

To the ones who stare intently at the ocean knowing they are secretly connected as if the waves know your deepest secrets. To the ones who look to mountains for guidance and who feel the energy of rivers.

To the ones who will put their face to the winds to feel its icy breath without worrying what it will do to their hair or clothes.

To the women who gracefully carry themselves across the trails no matter who hard or easy it has been and who are grateful for the experience either way.

Blog Post 5

To the outdoor women who prefer to spend hours in the surf their face stained with zinc, hair in salty disarray, in a wax stained wetsuit or the those who will stumble off a trail with dirty, scratched legs, muddy boots and sweat stained clothing.

To the ones who enjoy short fingernails, outdoor scenery and the thought of new adventures.

You who can only smile with the knowledge of why you love it out there. All you have to do is embrace that beautiful outdoor, wild glow you carry with you.

Blog Post 4

No matter where you have come from the outdoors, has enabled your eyes to shine bright with happiness, your smile to grow and your heart to beat with life.

You are a beautiful, wild resource who knows that when you are outside you are the best, happiest and most beautiful version of yourself. You are grateful for mother nature, your time out there and your path in the wilds.

Blog Post 3

Thankyou for the inspiration, thankyou for the motivation, for the stories, for the support, the learning and the fun.

And thankyou for the guidance that has taken me on so many adventures.