About Me – Traveller, photographer, writer, surfer, trail runner


‘Come what might, she would be wild, untrammeled, free’’

‘James Joyce’

Rach 1

Growing up with a grandmother who loved travel meant that Rach was always going to enjoy an affinity with world maps. Her first overseas trip sealed the deal and life since then has been a constant trail of new countries to experience and explore indulging in her loves of travel, surfing, free diving, trail running and trekking.

Her connections with the outdoor and natural environments where born through camping trips and exploring sand dunes and roaming the local beach when she was younger.   She was the first female head of outdoors at Geelong Grammar Schools Timbertop Campus and continued her affinity with outdoor environments by travelling the world as an expedition guide and medic, wilderness medicine facilitator and ran her own adventure travel company which has led her to trips like mountain biking the length of Africa and across Central Asia, swimming with orcas in Norway, Dog Sledding in the Yukon, Swimming with Humpback whales in Tonga, diving with hammerhead sharks in Mexico, multiple trips across the Kokoda Track, mountaineering throughout Africa, new Zealand, Nepal, Indonesia and USA , free diving and surfing in Indonesia  and trail running in Europe; just to name a few.

The call of the outdoors and the freedom and simplicity of being on the road have always been a driving force in the way she has lived her life not to mention her deep appreciation and knowledge of quality outdoor clothing and equipment. She enjoys the unpredictability of travel and the outdoor environment and the challenges they offer. These experiences combined have allowed her a deep appreciation of different cultures, different views and different outlooks. Her life in travel has encouraged her love of writing and photography and you can read about her experiences here and view her photos through instagram.

When she is not travelling, she is based in Western Australia exploring the remote and rugged coastline for waves and places to free dive, completing her journalism, photography and film making studies and planning her next adventures which includes a 1000km stand up paddle from Perth to Exmouth, a trekking trip to Bhutan and catching waves through Taiwan, Sri Lanka and the Philippines and a trail run through the Stirling Ranges.

Rach will always say that when she is travelling and playing in the outdoors, she is the best version of herself.